Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KTUH Playlist Jan.26th, 2010

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Bon voyage to Mililani Lyle. Good luck, and good times my friend. Enjoy everything that PDX has to offer and then some. This one's for you.

Lifetime Bringin' It Backwards
Career Suicide Look The Other Way
Teen Idols Together Again
the Unlovables Today's The Day (I Finally Kiss You)
thee Makeout Party Pauline
the Exploding Hearts Sleeping Aides And Razor Blades
Loli & the Chones I D*O*N*T
the Get Up Kids Holy Roman
Phantogram Mouthful Of Diamonds
Radiohead Videotape [Xaphoon's Dubstep remix]
Passion Pit The Reeling [Calvin Harris remix]
Ride Your Bike Sticks And Stones
Right On Dynamite Mantra For The Madness
Georgie James Cake Parade
Late Night Alumni Rainy Days
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror O.K.
anNina 対象a (taishou.a)
Days Away Stay The Same
Final Fantasy Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
Swan Dive August In Rome
Mae Just Let Go
Wheat Don't I Hold You
Broadcast Illumination
Stevie Wonder Lately
Duffy Delayed Devotion
Vigil "Los Gatos" High School
Sir Richard Bishop Mystic Minor 23
Converge Homewrecker
Eastern Youth スローモーション (slow motion)
the Remedy Session Rescue
Projektor The Warm Winter
Embrace You're Not Alone
Merz Butterfly
Mirah Engine Heart
the Morning Benders Waiting For A War
A Northern Chorus Song & I
In Animal Skin Dad's Hit Song
Minus The Bear Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse
Paco My Love
the Faint Glass Danse
Tokyo Police Club Tessellate [remix by Field Music]
Codes In The Clouds Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape
Harper Simon Wishes And Stars
Miike Snow Animal [Mark Ronson remix]
Santigold Shove It [Switch remix]

Alkaline Trio This Addiction
Metric Help I'm Alive [Twelves remix]

Monday, January 25, 2010

Buddha Boxing

As a musician, It is always exciting to find new ways to manipulate and create sound. As a listener, It is always a joy to come across new ways to listen to music. Every now and then something comes along that satisfies both, and for me, the Buddha Machine did just that. Designed by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian of FM3, an experimental music act based in Beijing, China; the Buddha Machine is similar to an old FM radio tuner. Its design is simple, utilizing only a series of dials along with either a switch or a button. Every listening experience is unique, as 9 loops play in random order, with the duration for each loop's rotation in complete control by the listener.

Buddha Machine(left) and Buddha Machine II(right)

The loops meander in a realm between ambient and abiotic, with synthetic tones folding over organic wave forms, all creating an overall feeling of "Zen." The Buddha Machine has seen two incarnations, each in a variety of colors and new loops per edition. There are slight mechanical differences between the two editions. While the first Buddha Machine utilized a toggle switch to change loops, the Buddha Machine II favors a single button. A new dial was also added to the second edition, controlling the speed of the loop(s).

While the Buddha Machine is highly unlikely to spawn a new breed of virtuosos, DJs and experimental musicians have already found a place for it amongst their aural arsenals, utilizing the device's innovative approach and musical mantras to create experiences of their own.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Public Displays of Affection

La Blogotheque's Take-Away Shows are a series of live musical performances filmed in public places, done in single takes, featuring a phenomenal array of artists such as Arcade Fire, Efterklang, Gang Gang Dance, and Yo La Tengo; just to name a few. What comes out of the performances is an experience unimaginable for most fans, with an intimacy that no stage could ever create. With each session we find the artist(s) unhinged and without airs, playing to an audience unaware(and occasionally outright confused). In true "less-is-more" fashion, the lack of amplification adds by subtraction, pulling your focus toward the intricacies of each song; every pluck of a string, the quivering vibrato in a voice, or a charming chord played on a Casio keyboard.

In their Take-Away Show, Phoenix took to the streets of their home, Paris, France; performing in Trocadero square, on a tour bus, and under the Eiffel Tower. The full session can be viewed here. The original version of "1901" can be downloaded for free here from RCRD•LBL_.

Another personal favorite is from musician extraordinaire, Richard Swift, whose albums have successively made it through my heart and onto my "top-albums" lists for the past 6 years.

The full listing of Take-Away Shows can be found here. A huge thank you and a big thumbs up to Paul S.L. for the turn on. You win this round, sir.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

KTUH Playlist Jan.19th, 2010

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Another sex-jam filled show, including the Twelves remix of Metric's "Help I'm Alive," which can be downloaded for free here from Indie Shuffle.

Jaga Jazzist All I Know Is Tonight
Red Sparowes Alone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed In Front of Our Eyes
Arthi Meera Wander Away
A Camp The Crowning
Asobi Seksu Gliss
the Electric Soft Parade A Cold World
Trailer Trash Tracies Candy Girl
Metric Help I'm Alive [Twelves remix]
Coeur de Pirate Comme Des Enfants [Le Matos Andy Carmichael remix]
Late Night Alumni You Can Be The One
Saves The Day Bye Bye Baby
Sparta Taking Back Control
Themselves feat. Alias
& DJ Andrew Crosssection of Wreckage
Reggie and the Full Effect Girl, Why'd You Run Away?
Mos Def Quiet Dog
April March & the Makers I Just Might Crack
Binky Griptite The Stroll
Bagdad Cafe the Trench Town Just For You
Mayer Hawthorne Let Me Know
Barbara Lewis with the Dells Straighten Up Your Heart
Bobby Gentry Benjamin
Menahan Street Band Bushwick Lullaby
the Mummies Justine
the Traditional Fools River
the Pepper Pots Waiting For The Christmas Light
Eisley Lost At Sea
Stacey Kent Ces Petits Riens
Plastic Bertrand Ça Plane Pour Moi
the King Khan and BBQ Show Teabag Party
the Sea and Cake Afternoon Speaker
La Roux I'm Not Your Toy [Data remix]
Au Revoir Simone Another Likely Story [Aeroplane remix]
Bic Runga Sway
Copeland Coffee
Magic Bullets The Upstairs Flight
Sharks and Minnows Statue of Marie
Audrye Sessions Nothing Pure Can Stay
Sean Lennon Happiness
Kostars Red Umbrella
Headlights Owl Eyes [the Buddy System remix]
Stephen Malkmus Church On White
Hey Mercedes Warm Chords
Midtown Direction
Perfume エレクトロ・ワールド
the Lovemakers Set Me Free

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KTUH playlist Jan.12th, 2010

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Special thanks to Jiseeka for the added jams, and for just being awesome.

Poor Rich Ones Milwaukee
Erlend Øye Symptom Of Disease
School of Language Rockist, Part 4
the Crush Here Is Where I Cross My Fingers (Summer Song)
the Gamits No Fun At All
the Casket Lottery Code Red
Pinback Fortress
Aphex Twin Windowlicker
Greg Weeks Unsettled (By The Sun)
Erin Tobey Relativity Song
Casey Dienel The Coffee Beanery
Paul Van Dyk Together We Will Conquer
Gregor Samsa O
the Millennium 5 a.m.
Guster Long Way Down
Good Luck Bringing Them Back To Life
Poe Not A Virgin
Perpetual Langley Two By Two
Coeur de Pirate Comme Des Enfants [Le Matos Andy Carmichael remix]
La Roux I'm Not Your Toy [Data remix]
the Appleseed Cast Fight Song
Gospel Yr Electric Surge Is Sweet
Marina and the Diamonds Hollywood [Fenech-Soler remix]
the Prodigy The Way It Is
Radio 4 Our Town
Utada Me Muero
Throw Me The Statue Ancestors
Ruth Rolling With The Punches
Owl City The Saltwater Room
Stacy Clark Strange
Eggstone Taramasalata
Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface Killah and Nate Dogg Ooh Wee
Sugarman Three feat. Naomi Davis Promised Land
Monty Are I Break Through The Silence
Elizabeth & the Catapult Rainiest Day Of Summer
the American Analog Set The Postman
Brittle Stars Four Words
the Stills Changes Are No Good
Slowreader Fallen On The World
Capsule Starry Sky
Clazziquai Novabossa

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best Bargain of Last Year

23rd Oct. 2009 @ the House of Chocolate, San Francisco, CA.

In the midst of all the excitement of Budget Rock 8, which boasted a HUGE line-up spanning four nights at three venues, who could fathom that anyone would dare compete for 'rock-ness' much less 'budget-ness,' but dem boys of Chocolate Covered Records done did dared, and woooo-golly did they ever succeed! Hosting a slew of garage rock bands (in their actual garage) at the House of Chocolate, for an even cheaper price: FREE!

Dirty Cupcakes (San Francisco/Oakland, CA) started the night, dressed in matching bargain-basement burlap sacks, only to be out-fashioned by the swankiness of the Saucy Jacks (San Francisco, CA), who were followed by some fierce Farfisa'n by the Jinxes (Los Angeles, CA). There was a ton of beer spilled during the Teutonics ("Düsseldorf Germany", CA) set and during their game of "Beer on the Head," but it still paled in comparison to the amount ingested by the band (mostly Sharky) prior to playing. The Traditional Fools (San Francisco, CA) closed the evening to a sea of people bobbing and swaying, flooding from the very back of the room to the front, with audience standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the band members themselves.

More photos of this show can be seen here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KTUH playlist Jan.5th, 2010

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

1. Who would win in a fight, ninjas or pirates? No Rules. Weapons and foul-play totally allowed.

2. Who would win in a fashion contest, ninjas or pirates? Parrots are allowed as an accessory.

Please give your answers along with a brief reason for your choices in the comments field below.

the Zombies This Will Be Our Year
the (International) Noise Conspiracy The Subversive Sound
the Invisible Cities The Only Reason The Club Was Made
Saves The Day Anywhere With You
Ride From Time To Time
Orenda Fink The Garden
Pugh Rogefeldt Här Kommer Natten
My Little Lover YES ~free flower~
Puracane Big Day
Magnet Where Happiness Lives
the Magnetic Fields Kiss Me Like You Mean It
the Low Anthem Charlie Darwin
Summer Cats Let's Go!
the Bananas New Animals
Lifetime Rodeo Clown
Chromeo Night By Night
Kid Sister feat. David Banner Family Reunion
Phoenix Listomania
Dragonette I Get Around [Midnight Juggernauts remix]
Jamiroquai Supersonic
Binky Griptite The Stroll
the Dead 60's Riot Radio
Mayer Hawthorne One Track Mind
Eddie & Ernie You Make My Life A Sunny Day
the Postmarks My Lucky Charm
Tahiti 80 1,000 Times
David Vandervelde Waiting For The Sunrise
Sylvie Lewis Death By Beauty
Richard Swift The Atlantic Ocean
Dance Hall Crashers Lost Again
the Distraction My Way
Orchestre Poly Rythmo Malin Kpon O
France Gall Un Prince Charmant [Japonais]
Gretchen Parlato I Can't Help It
the Bird and the Bee How Deep Is Your Love
Elisa Ferrari Isla de Niños
the Finches Last Favor
Fine China The Cells Divide (and I Might Ruin My Life)
Folksongs For The Afterlife Did I Let You Down?
David Bazan Hard To Be
Scout Come On & Go
Hooverphonic Battersea
Sahara Hotnights Fire Alarm
Hot Rod Circuit At Nature's Mercy
Teenage Fanclub Neil Jung
the Promise Ring Why Did We Ever Meet
Rilo Kiley More Adventurous