Tuesday, February 27, 2018

KTUH Playlist Feb.27th, 2018

courtship. Bad Fun

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.1 FM, Honolulu

Freddie Hubbard Red Clay
Deniece Williams Free
Air Ce Matin La
Hepcat Miss Congeniality
CHEEZE Just a Lie
Tin Hat Trio The Longest Night
Born Heller No More Lamps in the Morning
Kammerflimmer Kollektief Mantra
The Notwist Neon Golden
Simian La Breeze
Jim Noir Find Mind Grind
Leon Thomas feat. Buddy Favorite

Rejjie Snow Spaceships
The Years feat. Honey Larochelle You Are the Reason
Stevie Wonder feat. The Jackson 5 You Haven't Done Nothin'
Peter King Freedom Dance
Jackie Mittoo Juice Box
Ryo Kawasaki El Toro
Les Doigts de l'Homme There Will Never Be Another You

Django Reinhardt The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
Joe Maphis Bully of the Town
Charlie Feathers feat. The Miller Sisters Someday You Will Pay
Patsy Cline Lovesick Blues
Patience and Prudence The Money Tree
Annette Funicello Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy

Alfred Aholo Apaka This Song of Love (Dahil Sa Lyo)
Alma Shimabukuro Ringo Oiwake
Mirah Engine Heart
Erin Tobey Secret Letters
First Aid Kit To Live a Life
Grandaddy The Crystal Lake
Kill Tuco Sweet Tooth
The Starlight Mints Margarita

Kero Kero Bonito You Know How It Is
Bunky Gotta Pee
Marcioz Mate Um Bonito Hoje Mesmo!

양요섭 (Yang Yoseob) 오늘 하루 (Today)
MONDO GROSSO 偽りのシンパシー (False Sympathy)

Blue States Stereo 99
courtship. Bad Fun

Madison Beer Fools
Hoody (후디) 한강 (HANGANG)
Jay Park feat. Sik-K YACHT

The Knocks & Captain Cuts House Party [Oliver Disco Mixx]
Allure Glow
Jamiroquai Supersonic [radio edit]
Le Couleur Nunca Será

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

KTUH Playlist Feb.20th, 2018

DJ Juju interviews Korean indie singer, Yeji Choi (최예지)
click on the "cc" for English subtitles

Yeji Choi (최예지) instagram [DEAN cover]

Thank you to Yeji Choi and DJ Juju for providing today's interview.

Follow them online:

Yeji Choi:

DJ Juju's YouTube Channel

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.1 FM, Honolulu

The Temptations Mein Girl
France Gall On se ressemble toi et moi
Connie Francis Guaglione
Pilita Corrales Lahat Ng Gabi Bawat Araw
梶芽衣子 (Meiko Kaji) 怨み節
Rafael Mendez Sevilla
Pacifika Chiquita
椎名林檎 (Sheena Ringo) 本能 (Instinct)
Les Surfs Clac Tape
The Outs I Feel Good
The Royal Fingers Ace of Toyota
Zacari & Babes Wodumo Redemption
Tinashé Zambezi [Fool's Gold remix]
Graveola e o lixo polifônico Desdenha (Scorn)
孫盛希 (Shi Shi) Never Lose Your Smile
Plastic Plastic อยากรู้ (Curious)
택시(Taxxi) feat. 최예지 (Yeji Choi) 터벅
Interview with Yeji Choi pt.1, conducted by Juju
택시(Taxxi) feat. 최예지 (Yeji Choi) 아버지 (Father)
Interview with Yeji Choi pt.2
포레스트 (Forest) Lost
Razika Gang på gang
BAGDAD CAFE THE trench town Just For You
The Chinkees Norehapshida
Kemuri Sizuka Ni Moeru Sekai
Oriental Showcus Beautiful Day
Os Mutantes Oh! Mulher Infiel (Oh! Infidel Woman)
Boris Cosmos pt.II
Dungen Panda
Boogarins Elogio à Instituição do Cinismo (Praise to the Institution of Cynicism)
Kemialliset Ystävät Gelsomiinan Naama
善財和也と大きな鯨 おうち
Little Jesus Nuevos Amigos (New Friends)
Alex Anwandter Traición (Treason)
Paris Match Summer Breeze
The Pillows Twilight Park Waltz
Irka Mateo feat. La Tirindanga Magia (Magic)
Smokey Robinson Aqui con Tigo (Being with You)
Uschi Brüning Hochzeitsnacht (Wedding Night)
박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon) 나의 뇌구조 (Inner-Space)
Marijata Break Through
Eskapo Baril at Dasal (Guns & Prayers)
Raein Oggi ho deciso di diventare oro (Today I Decided to Become Gold)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

From One Native to Another KTUH Playlist Feb.17th, 2018

Kate Kim So Long, Baby

subbing on From One Native to Another - Sat., 6am - 9am on KTUH, 90.1 FM, Honolulu

새소년 (SE SO NEON) 파도 (Wave)
Moon Yirang feat. Hoody (후디) Aphasia
림지 (Limzy) feat. 허클베리피 (Huckleberry P.) 줘야해 (No More)
비오 (B.O.) Coffee
HIGH4 & 김예림 [Lim Kim of 투개월 (Togeworl)] 해요 말고 해 (A Little Close)
에픽하이 (EPIK HIGH) feat. 이하이 (Lee Hi) 춥다 (It's Cold)
SE O (임서영) 이 순간 (This Moment)
낙준 (버나드 박) [NakJoon (Bernard Park)] 가리워진 길 (Hidden Road) [soundtrack version] [유재하 (Yoo Jae-Ha) cover]
볼빨간사춘기 (Bolbbalgan4) 썸 탈꺼야 (Some)
DAY6 Hi Hello
(Chuu of LOOΠΔ) Heart Attack
Kid Milli, Jvcki Wai, 스윙스 (Swings) Hyperreal
전소연 (Jeon So-Yeon) Jelly
박재범 (Jay Park), 더블케이 (Double K) & 보이비 (Boi.B) REBORN
주니엘 (JUNIEL) Last Carnival
효린 (Hyolyn) 내일할래 (To Do List)
애쉬뮤트 (Ashmute) Scenery
CHEEZE 다음에 또 만나요 (See You Again)
Kate Kim So Long, Baby
다이나믹 듀오 (Dynamic Duo) feat. 수란 (Suran) 봉제선 (BONGJESEON)
블루베리 (Blue Berry) Why Do You Love Me
서교동의 밤 (The Night of Seokyo) feat. 다원 (Dawon) 럭키스타 (Lucky Star)
고원 (Go Won of LOOΠΔ) One & Only
종현 (Jonghyun) 빛이 나 (Shinin')
Andup feat. hatts 잠깐 (Wait a Sec.) [prod. Hansen]
전승우 (Seungwoo Chon) & 이현정 (Hyeon Jeong Lee) 고소달달
전지윤 [Jeon Jiyoon (JENYER)] feat. 키썸 (KISUM) 저기요 (Hello)
혁오 (hyukoh) 위잉위잉 (Wi Ing Wi Ing)
우효 (OOHYO) 꿀차 (Honey Tea)
애쉬비 (Ash-B) 전부다 (Everything)
시윤 (SIYOON) feat. 강민희 (Min-Hee Kang) 너와 내 사이 (Between You and Me)
Hoody (후디) 한강 (HANGANG)
Steel 비워줘 (Empty) [prod. Charcoal]
JUNNY Natural [prod. by Lexxmatiq &Calvin Cook]
백예린 [Yerin Baek (of 15&)] 가끔 (Sometimes) [크러쉬 (Crush) cover]
제이 슬로우 (J.slow) Anywhere
레드벨벳 (Red Velvet) Bad Boy
EXID 데려다줄래 (Will You Take Me)
체리베리 (CherryBerry) 똑같아 (Same)
더겜블 (The Gamble) feat. 허니애플 (Honey Apple) 딱한번만 (Only Once)
박보람 (Boram Park) 애쓰지 마요 (Will Be Fine)
이든 (EDEN) 예뻐서 그래 (Because You're Pretty)
쟝고 (Django) feat. 팔로알토 (Paloalto) & 김혜미 [Hyemi Kim (of Kuma Park)] Play on, Playa
이준호 [Junho (of 2PM)] Fine
소유 [SoYou (of SISTAR)] 너에게 배웠어 (Grown-Up) [prod. 윤종신 (Jongshin Yoon)]
오왠 (O.WHEN) Dream

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sex Jams Week - KTUH Playlist Feb.13th, 2018

バンドごっこ (Band Gokko) おにさんこちら (Onisan Kochira)

Special thanks to my very special guest, Todd Sato of The Anime Club/Tofu for being a guest DJ on today's show.

It's SEX JAMZ WEEK on KTUH! During the week leading up to Valentine's Day, we bring you songs of love, like, loss, lust, heartbreak, etc.

Imad Royal & Mark Johns Heart-Shaped Box

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.1 FM, Honolulu

Kid Milli, Jvck Wai & Swings Hyperreal
3LAU feat. Nevve On My Own
Sofasound feat. falcxne & Khyenci Tea On Saturn
Pat Lok Mar Vista
Tinashe 2 On [Disco Tech remix]
Radiohead Everything In Its Right Place
TWICE 녹아요 (Ice Cream)
Marcioz The Very, Very $Hy Pearl (The Pulse)
Ark Patrol Fiend
Dorothy Ashby Stella by Starlight
SiR feat. Etta Bond Something New
Simian Over the Hills
Kings of Convenience Toxic Girl [Monte Carlo 1963 version]
Flamingosis Is It Worth It? (Lemme Work It)
DiRTY RADiO Heart Break Fantasy

FKJ Lying Together
Stevie Wonder You and I [Uno Stereo remix]
GroovyRoom feat. Heize & Jay Park Sunday
Tom Misch Artist
Portugal. The Man Feel It Still [Hye Sung remix]
PREP Cheapest Flight

Sade Kiss of Life

------The Todd Sato Power Hour!!!------
青はるまき (ao Harumaki) りんご飴 (Candy Apple)
sympathy 海辺のカフェ (Seaside Café)
きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku) Chronostasis
Suck a Stew Dry GOEMON

indigo la End 名もなきハッピーエンド (Happy End Without Name)
frederic Oddloop
バンドごっこ (Band Gokko) おにさんこちら (Onisan Kochira)
Amelie エラー (Error)
PENs+ 旅に出たい、と言って (I Want to Go On a Trip, He Said)
ポルカドットスティングレイ (Polkadot Stingray) シンクロニシカ (Syncronishica)
vivid undress パラレルワ
カフカ City Boy City Girl
Art Building tete
------Le Todd Sato 
heure de puissance, fin------


Kehlani Again
Imad Royal & Mark Johns Heart-Shaped Box
Portishead All Mine
Lovage Anger Management

Nina Persson Black Winged Bird
The Postmarks My Lucky Charm
My Little Lover YES ~free flower~
Blue Berry Why Do You Love Me

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

KTUH Playlist Feb.6th, 2018

Natalia Lafourcade feat. Los Macorinos Alma Mía

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.1 FM, Honolulu

Masayoshi Takanaka Seven Goblins
Masayoshi Takanaka The Sunset Valley
Tame Impala Powerlines
Say Lou Lou It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards [Tame Impala cover]
Luna Shadows Jesus Christ [Brand New cover]
Jay Som One More Time, Please
Phantogram Futuristic Casket

Blonde Redhead Elephant Woman
Copeland Kite
Deas Vail Growing Pains
CHEEZE Mad, Sexy, Cool [Babyface cover]
Skott Stay Off My Mind
The Marías I Don't Know You
JMSN So Badly

HalfNoise Someday
Vulfpeck feat. Charles Jones Baby I Don't Know Oh Oh
Nick Hakim Needy Bees
Sabrina Claudio Frozen
Madison Beer Fools
Res They Say Vision
pH-1 feat. Sik-K Penthouse [prod. APRO]

Red Velvet Bad Boy
Natalia Lafourcade feat. Los Macorinos Alma Mía
Luiz Bonfá & Maria Toledo Improviso

Luiz Bonfá & Maria Toledo Cavaquinho
Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfá feat. Maria Toledo Menina Flor
Caetano Veloso, Moreno Veloso, Tom Veloso feat. Zeca Veloso Um Canto de Afoxé Para o Bloco de Ilê [live]

Superhuman Happiness + Cults Um Canto de Afoxé Para o Bloco de Ilê [Caetano Veloso cover]
CSS Hits Me Like a Rock
Copacabana Club Just Do It
Coach Bombay feat. Elle Young Cool Thing
Handsome Furs Memories of the Future
Desaparecidos City on the Hill
eastern youth Hinageshi ga Saiteiru
Port O'Brien I Woke Up Today
Family of the Year Living on Love

Royal Bangs Faint Obelisk Two
Q and not U Wet Work
An Albatross I Will Swim Into the Lazer Eye
Love Like Electrocution Hunger Like Toes On An Oslo Sidewalk

Das Oath Tightened, Solidified, Crackling
Transistor Transistor Sweet William
Wolves 18
Circle Takes the Square Our Need to Bleed
Even Odders Occupation
Dynamite Boy No Way Out
Startline Morning Glory
Funeral Party Just Because