Thursday, December 18, 2014

Young The Giant at The Studio at Webster Hall

Young The Giant (Irvine, CA) @ The Studio at Webster Hall, NY, NY Oct.20th, 2010 for CMJ Music Marathon

    It's a rarity to see a live show where every single band member is brimming with enthusiasm to the point where it soaks through their shirts. When I saw Young The Giant perform, all of them were jumping on stage (including the drummer, who did so while continuing to play). Good times were had, on and off the stage. Here are the sweat-stains to prove it.


See Young The Giant perform in Honolulu tonight, and again on Dec.20th, 2014 at The Republik with local act, Human Lion opening.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Art + Flea / Monsters Invade Tokyo / Secret Record Store

I will be at Art + Flea this Thursday (10/30) selling T-shirts for Big Pineapple. Stop by and say "hi" if you're around.

I will also be DJing at the event, inside at the Secret Record Store booth. Drop by and peruse all of the great records that they have, from esoteric funk, rare grooves, hip-hop, jazz, and indie. Tons of finds at fair prices.

OK Go - I Won't Let You Down

I Won't Let You Down
directed by Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr.

Video debut of the second single, "I Won't Let You Down" by OK Go (Los Angeles, CA), from their latest album, Hungry Ghosts. The video is directed by the band's lead vocalist/guitarist, Damian Kulash, Jr. and director, Kazuaki Seki, who has directed videos for numerous Japanese acts, including Sakanaction and Perfume (who make a cameo at the beginning of this video).

レーザービーム (Laser Beam)
directed by Kazuaki Seki

サカナクション (Sakanaction)
アルクアルンド (Aruku Around)
FYI: Those are the lyrics to the song as they're being sung. This video was filmed at Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

サカナクション (Sakanaction)
ミュージック (Music)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Copeland - Ixora pre-order

After a six year hiatus, Copeland (Lakeland, Florida) will be releasing their new album, Ixora on Nov.24th, 2014, with pre-order bundles available via their site. All pre-orders come with a digital download of the album a week prior to the official release date.

first single:


second single:

Amarante (Los Angeles, CA) cover of Copeland's Good Morning Fire Eater

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Happy Oblivion

subbing on The Happy Oblivion Show - Sat., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Super Furry Animals Juxtaposed With U
Twin Forks Cross My Mind
Moon Boots feat. Violetness Running
Great Good Fine OK By My Side
From Indian Lakes Breathe, Desperately
High Highs Ocean to City
Depeche Mode Freelove
Björk All Is Full of Love [video version]
TOKiMONSTA feat. MNDR Go With It
Deastro Friends
Armor For Sleep The Truth About Heaven
Finch Back To Oblivion
Failure Stuck On You
Denali The Instinct
East Hundred Slow Burning Crimes
LIZ Say U Would
Lemâitre Strobes Pt.2
Kaki King Yellowcake
Jaga Jazzist One-Armed Bandit
Jhameel Feisty [Blue Satellite remix]
HIGH4 & 김예림(Lim Kim) 해요 말고 해 (Haeyo Malgo Hae)
Cosmonaut Grechko Anytime
Suffix Lose Control
Chelsea Lankes Ghost [Mikel Rø remix]
School of Seven Bells Half Asleep [alternate version]
Department of Eagles Sailing By Night
Grizzly Bear Two Weeks
Mad Clown & Yozoh Chocolate Cherry Night
Tranzmitors Bigger Houses, Broken Homes

NYC UFOs Any Other Time
Right on Dynamite Mantra For The Madness
The Meligrove Band Ghosts At My Back
Team Me Kick & Curse
Barb Alcoholic Darling
Lawrence Arabia Apple Pie Bed
Light FM Death Toll Rise
Fonda Loving You Makes Me Sad
Fair and Kind When We're Good
Santo & Johnny Sleep Walk
American Football Never Meant
Travis Turn
The Electric Soft Parade Appropriate Ending
Coach Bombay Cool Thing
Linus' Blanket Summer Magic

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Happy Oblivion

subbing on The Happy Oblivion Show - Sat., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Super Furry Animals Juxtaposed With U
Late Cambrian Golden Time
Kid Astray Taking You With Me [Alizzz remix]
TOKiMONSTA Dusty Stars
Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar Never Catch Me
Blondfire Walking With Giants
Yelle Complètement fou
Clazziquai Android
Jhameel Take Me Now
Alvvays Party Police
Sylvie Lewis Death By Beauty
androp Radio
Team Me Riding My Bicycle (from Feddersensgate 5A to Mõllervegen 31)
Dan Croll Sweet Disarray
Linus' Blanket Summer Night Magic
Self Runaway
Röyksopp Happy Up Here
tofubeats chngeyrhrt
Porter Robinson Flicker
POP ETC Live It Up
Erlend Øye Bad Guy Now
Coach Bombay Cool Thing
Bean Let's Go
Mad Clown & Yozoh Chocolate Cherry Night
Tahiti 80 Aftermath
OOHYO Girl Sense (소녀감성100퍼센트)
Generationals Black Lemon
LIZ Stop Me Cold [813 remix]
Cosmonaut Grechko Singin' [Blue Satellite remix]
Saves The Day Say You'll Never Leave
The Hives A Get Together To Tear It Apart
999 Nasty Nasty
FIDLAR Wait For The Man
Reigning Sound Never Coming Home
Neko Case Look For Me (I'll Be Around)
Vanilla Writing On The Wall
백예린(Baek Yerin of 15&) 가끔 gakkeum "sometimes"
Jensen Sportag One Lane Lovers
Bear In Heaven The Reflection Of You
Riff Randells M.O.
The Mr. T Experience With My Looks And Your Brains
Hepcat Dollar Dance
Ocean 11 Solid As A Rock
The Deltones Stay Where You Are
Link Wray and the Raymen Vendetta
Mickey Baker Autumn Leaves
Mayer Hawthorne A Strange Arrangement
Masha Qrella Bluebottle

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tycho - See (Official Performance Cut)

Director, Bradley G. Munkowitz used an infrared emitter from a Microsoft Kinetic, creating a highly innovate and visually stunning new music video for the song, "See" by Tycho (San Francisco, CA) off of their latest album, Awake, released Mar.18th, 2014. De Zeen Magazine has a great article that details the whole process.

Tycho See
directed by Bradley G Munkowitz


1. Awake
2. Montana
3. L
4. Dye
5. See
6. Apogee
7. Spectre
8. Plains

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bean - Rollercoaster

I have huge soft-spot for pop music, and no matter how deep I dig into the sounds of the underground, pop will always be king. Aficionados of all things independent and esoteric may vehemently disagree with me on this point. While I agree with them that anybody can write a pop song, with its bare bones verse-chorus-bridge formula; I feel that it takes exceptional songwriters to craft great ones. Noelle Bean (Los Angeles, CA) shows such promise.

Simply known as Bean, this Nashville, TN-born, Dallas, TX-raised singer/songwriter has a knack for caramelizing sweet melodies, clever lyrics, and groovy four-chord progressions into 3-minute addictive pop confections. My personal favorite from her Rollercoaster EP (released Jun.17th, 2014) is "Let's Go," whose verse and chorus share the same two chords (B, D#m) with only a short two-chord (C#m, C#dim) pre-chorus thrown in on occasion.

Bean Let's Go
lyric video


1. Let's Go
2. Rollercoaster
3. Wherever You Are
4. Cops and Robbers
5. Like To Love You
6. Rollercoaster (Jump Smokers Remix)

Bean Rollercoaster
directed by Devan Dehaven

Bean Cops and Robbers
directed by Michael Marco

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flying Lotus - You're Dead

You're Dead is the latest album by electronic artist Steven Ellison (Los Angeles, CA) a.k.a. Flying Lotus. As a whole, the album plays through like an episodic soundtrack, spiraling jazz motifs and haunting soundscapes from baroque thrillers (the song, Turtle incorporates a sample of Piume Di Cristallo, composed by Ennio Morricone for Dario Argento's film, "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage").

Flying Lotus
You're Dead

1. Theme
2. Tesla (feat. Herbie Hancock)
3. Cold Dead
4. Fkn Dead
5. Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
6. Dead Man's Tetris (feat. Snoop Dogg and Captain Murphy)
7. Turkey Dog Coma
8. Stirring
9. Coronus, the Terminator
10. Siren Song (feat. Angel Deradoorian)
11. Turtles
12. Ready Err Not
13. Eyes Above
14. Moment of Hesitation (feat. Herbie Hancock)
15. Descent Into Madness (feat. Thundercat)
16. The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep (feat. Captain Murphy)
17. Obligatory Cadence
18. Your Potential / The Beyond (feat. Niki Randa)
19. The Protest

Full album streaming vis his website starts tomorrow (Oct.3rd, 2014). It will be available to purchase starting Oct.7th, 2014.

Here is a video teaser with snippets of each song accompanied by images by manga artist, Shintaro Kago.

First single, Never Catch Me featuring Kendrick Lamar
Flying Lotus Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
directed by Hiro Murai

See photos from his 2011 performance in Hawaii, here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TOKiMONSTA - Steal My Attention

New video out today for Jennifer Lee (Los Angeles, CA) a.k.a. TOKiMONSTA's Steal My Attention, off her latest mini-LP, Desiderium. TOKiMONSTAの新しいMVは今日リリースされた。

Steal My Attention

(Young Art)

1. The Beginning
2. Drive (feat. Arama)
3. Steal My Attention
4. Realla (feat. Anderson Paak)
5. Dusty Stars
6. Open Air (feat. Joyce Wrice)
7. Sakamoto's Spring

    She'll be performing in Honolulu, Hawaii on Oct.18th, 2014 at the Art + Flea Warehouse, 1020 Auahi st., building 3, Honolulu, HI. Presented by SPELLS and Red Bull Music Academy. 18+ welcome. 2014年10月18日にハワイに演奏する。NOTE: Venue changed to Ginza Nightclub, 1230 Kona st., Honolulu, HI

Tinashe - Aquarius

The new Tinashe (Los Angeles, CA) album, Aquarius is gonna drop on Oct.7th, 2014. 女性R&Bシンガー、ティナーシェの新しいアルバム、「Aquarius」10月7日に発売される。

Tinashe Aquarius
(RCA Records)

1. Aquarius
2. Bet On It
3. Cold Sweat
4. Nightfall (Interlude)
5. 2 On feat. ScHoolboy Q
6. How Many Times feat. Future
7. What Is There To Lose (Interlude)
8. Pretend feat. A$AP Rocky
9. All Hands On Deck
10. Indigo Child (Interlude)
11. Far Side of the Moon12. The Calm (Interlude)
13. Feels Like Vegas
14. Thug Cry
15. Wildfire
16. Deep In the Night
17. Bated Breath
18. The Storm (Outro)

2 On
directed by Hannah Lux Davis

The video for the album's second single, Pretend featuring A$AP ROCKY debuted yesterday.

Let's Pretend feat. A$AP ROCKY
directed by Jonathan Desbiens a.k.a. JODEB

Her previous releases, In Case We Die (2012), Reverie (2012), and Black Water (2013) are available on her official website as free downloads. Get them while the getting's good! サイトで他のアルバムを無料でダウンロードできる。


Here's 2 On remixed by TOKiMONSTA, who will be playing in Honolulu, HI on Oct.18th (Sat.) at the Art + Flea Warehouse. More info about that show soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Interview with Japanese singer, Kyoko

9/18 (THU) 3pm (Hawaii Standard Time) Mister Modular
and I will be interviewing J-pop singer, Kyoko Sekihara live on KTUH 90.3 FM Honolulu. Formerly of the band, BARBEE BOYS, Kyoko is a current member of Japanese super group, Fukumimi, alongside Masayoshi Yamasaki, COIL, and Sukima Switch. We will be conducting the interview in Japanese, with some English translations.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Honey Trees - Bright Fire

The Honey Trees
Bright Fire
released April 8th, 2014

    Like its album cover, the songs on Bright Fire are lushly laden with earthen tones. Through a canopy of violins, notes from the piano glisten overhead while drums tumble through the underbrush. The vocal harmonies of Becky Filip and Jacob Wick will enchant you, as they breathe out meandering melodies that float like phantasms; wandering the plane between love and loss. Every lingering note a ghost of an unkissed kiss, left to languish amongst the pines.

follow them:

    Also, check out their rendition of Henry Mancini's Moon River.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chelsea Lankes - Secret

Chelsea Lankes
Directed by: Chuck David Willis
released August 6th, 2014

New music from Chelsea Lankes (Nashville, Tennessee).

follow her:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2nd Thursdays @ Bevy

Join Roki Sasaki and I tomorrow night and every second Thursday of each month at Bevy in Kaka'ako. While the music that we play varies from month-to-month (or throughout the evening), leave it to us to set the tone for your night out, as you enjoy a delectable cocktail and a delicious meal. We aim to take you from pau hana to dance party! Come early for happy hour (4-7pm) for $1 oysters, $3 house beers, $5 champagne, and the $5 cocktail of the day. Live DJ set from 9pm-midnight.

Bevy is located at:
661 Auahi st.
Honolulu, HI 96813

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer lovin', had me a blast...then shit got real

I made a mix of twee songs, arranging them by lyrics, creating a quasi-story of love and loss. I hope that you like it. If so, check out Mild Mannered DJ on KTUH, every Saturday, noon to 3pm (Hawaii Standard Time) for some really great twee, indie pop, and indie rock from all around the world. The Happy Oblivion is one of my favorite radio shows, ever.

This mix is very much inspired by Mild Mannered DJ and my good friend, Interro bang. Follow her on Instagram :)

Go Sailor - Together Forever In Love [0:00]

Best Friends Forever - Handpocket [2:20]

The Diskettes - Come On Over [4:40]

The She’s - My Secret To Keep [6:43]

Heavenly - Ben Sherman [10:32]

Bunky - Cute Not Beautiful [13:35]

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Car Trouble [18:08]

Cub - Go Fish [19:40]

Free Loan Investments - Kick His Balls Out [21:32]

The Softies - My Empty Arms [23:10]

Anna Hillburg - For Good [26:44]

The Capsules - Someday [31:26]

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cool Things

Here's a summer mix for your indie fix:

Coach Bombay feat. Elle Young - Cool Thing [0:00]

Ariana & The Rose - In Your Bed (Oliver Nelson Remix) [3:17]

Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit) [7:56]

Blood Cultures - Indian Summer [11:43]

Uncle Skeleton - Disquotek (Jensen Sportag Endless Reverb Mix) [16:25]

Quiet Village - Circus Of Horror [19:53]

Tinashé - Zambezi (Fool's Gold Remix) [24:43]

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls [29:25]

Last Dinosaurs - Zoom [33:05]

Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of The Seasons [36:59]

Pomo - Work It Out [40:34]

ASTR - Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix) [43:55]

Betty Who - Somebody Loves You (Starsmith Remix) [48:47]

Seoul - Stay With Us [55:03]

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Happy Oblivion

Thank you to Mild Mannered DJ, for allowing me to fill in for him.

Special thanks to my good friend, Corey. I played BABYMETAL and dedicated it to him. He, in turn sent me a video text of him performing a one-man mosh pit to the song. It was hands-down the high point of my weekend.

Here's a video from when I saw them live:

subbing on The Happy Oblivion Show - Sat., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Super Furry Animals Juxtapozed With U
Hooray For Earth Comfortable, Comparable
Sun Sister Sore Eyes
Georgie James More Lights
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyari Pamyu Pamyu) ファミリーパーティー (Family Party)
Kids of 88 India
Early to Bed Weathervane
The Honey Trees The Fall
The Velvet Teen A Special Gift For You
Via Audio For Your Consideration
Headlights Lions
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists The Angels' Share
The Like Young Sabine & Me
Frank Jordan Funnyhead
ねごと (Negoto) 季節 (Kisetsu "Seasons")
Androp Rising Star
BABYMETAL ギミチョコ!! (Gimme Choco!!)
Kuryakin Onie
어쿠스틱 콜라보 (Acoustic Collabo) 빗속에서 (bis-sog-eseo "In the Rain")
Yeye 「言う」(Iu "Say")
Stina Nordenstam Everyone Else In The World
-----mini-Surf Set------
The Hi-Fives Black Sand Beach
The Royal Fingers Golden Guitar
Two Wounded Birds Keep Dreaming Baby
Heavenly Space Manatee
Pockets The Last Rocketman
Ash Cherry Bomb
The She's My Secret To Keep
The Mr. T Experience I Just Wanna Do It With You
Cub Mom and Dad
Asleep In The Sea Annie
Best Friends Forever Handpocket
Bunky Chuy
악동뮤지션 (Akdong Musician) 가르마 (Karma)
Fine China I Can't Fall Asleep
Starflyer 59 Can You Play Drums?
Pedro the Lion Priests And Paramedics
The Invisible Cities The Only Reason The Club Was Made
Denali Gunner
The Legends There And Back Again
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Young Adult Friction
Van She Kelly
Pomo So Fine
esta. feat. JBird Moet
Mr. Little Jeans Runaway
Betty Who Somebody Loves You [Starsmith remix]
Housemate Always Here For You [Goon Bags remix]
Blood Cultures Indian Summer
Seoul Stay With Us

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Off and On the Air

subbing on Off the Air - Wed., 6pm - 9pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Mayer Hawthorne Her Favorite Song [Oliver Remix]
All That Jazz 風の通り道
Proviant Audio Jazzexy
Gigamesh GOTF
Especia アバンチュールは銀色に
박지윤 나의 뇌구조 (Inner Space)
Ice Choir Two Rings
Sade Nothing Can Come Between Us [Pomo edit]
Reva DeVito KISSES
Jhameel Waves
Hiatus Kaiyote Nakamarra
Oddisee The Gospel
Tor Heikki
Jhené Aiko Wrap Me Up
Seoul Stay With Us
Blood Cultures Indian Summer
Mii Everything Happens To You
Pomo So Fine
Zimmer Cruisin'
tofubeats chngeyrhrt
Alex Anwandter Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo
Johnny Mathis My Funny Valentine
Washed Out It All Feels Right
Super Furry Animals Juxtapozed With U
Tahiti 80 Heartbeat
Malajube Synesthésie
岡村靖幸 ビバナミダ
Question Cliché
Sinitus Tempo Simple Thoughts
J Dilla Don't Cry
Sinitus Tempo Raw Jazz
Nujabes Lady Brown
The Pharcyde Runnin [Philippians RMX]
Hudson Mohawke Overnight
Ming + FS Brain Dead Amphibian Twins
Clifford Gilberto The 10th Victim
Aura Nu-Mi Cere Sa Cant
France Gall Pense à moi
Walter Wanderley Canto De Ossanha
Elis Regina Bicho Do Mato
Via Audio Lizard Song
Les Surfs Si J'avais Un Marteau
Peanut Someone's Gonna Be Sorry
Liz Christian Think Of You Baby
Dusty Springfield They Long To Be Close To You
Canterbury Music Festival Girl Of The Skys
Sylvie Lewis Death By Beauty
Satin Jackets Olivia