Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's get physical

Shelflife 1000 series: Stepping back while looking ahead

In our current digital age, the online social life IS our social life, and as networks continue to gain speed, so do our expectations of every aspect of our lives. Faster food and shorter diet plans. More caffeine in smaller servings reaps a bigger boost in half the time. 'Efficiency' is just a by-product to the paramount of 'instant gratification.' When entertainment lies a mouse click away from your fingertips, can one ever feel fully satiated?

In regards to music, it's comforting to find people who'll step away from the cavalcade of mp3 downloads, to treat a song as an experience rather than a passing moment. Shelflife records has just such folks, both within the ranks of their San Francisco based label, as well as within their growing roster, which boasts such twee-rific bands as Brittle Stars, Call and Response, Laura Watling, and Free Loan Investments (to name just a few).

1000 series is their latest endeavor, continuing their tradition of bringing sweet and lush pop sounds both ways 'across the pond.' Every release stands as a perfect marriage of music and design, with each combining exclusive tracks onto a CD and 7" record, packaged together in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring original artwork. The latest, THE IMPERIAL SCHOOL, by Horse Shoes, floats somnambulant melodies across clouds of twinkling guitars and keyboards, while flails from snare drums burst and drizzle like fireworks. For familiar fans of Fierce Panda or Sarah Records, THE IMPERIAL SCHOOL will feel comfy and cozy, like putting on an old sweater.

Other 1000 series releases include Swedish bands: A Smile and a Ribbon, Days, Kuryakin, and the Ruling Class; Champange Riot (Denmark), Warm Morning (Greenville, IL), and Socialist Leisure Party (England/France). Each release is limited to a run of 300 copies, and are only available at Shelflife's online store and a handful of record shops.

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