Sunday, December 5, 2010

Choice Notes

Alex Winston (Detroit, MI/New York, NY) @ Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY for CMJ 2010.

Winston's brand of playful pop heard on her recordings are transformed to a more edgy soulful review when she takes to the stage with her band, with backup singers included. So while home listening may be conducive to prancing or pogo-ing; live, Winston and Co. are a groove intoxicating assault that demands the entire dance floor.

Although there is something to be said about an artist who can perform their recorded songs 'to a T' live, there's something refreshing about one who creates an entirely different experience for both, their recordings and their stage show. In this way, each has it's own charm and appeal. Some might argue that one may be better than the other, and that having been enthused by one only led to disappointment in the other, but I say, "Why argue when you can have both?"

Indeed, Alex Winston exemplifies the best of both worlds, in her charming recordings and stunning live performance. BASEMENT COVERS is a collection of covers, including songs originally performed by Mumford & Sons, Francis & The Lights, and the Rolling Stones. It is available as a free download. Alex's CHOICE NOTES 7", which includes two original songs, "Choice Notes" and "Medicine", is available for purchase. Both are brought to you via Heavy Roc Music.


Alex Winston - CHOICE NOTES 7"

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