Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KTUH Radiothon - You Scratch Our Back, We'll Clothe Yours

So here's the deal... Radiothon is KTUH's annual event to help our small yet oh so fabulous college radio station raise money to purchase much needed equipment (ie. cd players, mixing board, shelving, etc.). Our staff (of 56+ DJs, directors and office staff) are entirely comprised of non-paid volunteers, mostly of whom are students, and I assure you that none of us will ever see that money personally and your 100% tax deductible donation will go into maintaining and improving the station itself, thus helping KTUH at present and in the future, perpetuating our commitment to bring you quality commercial free college radio that is diverse, educational, and most of all pleasant to listen to.

Anyone can donate at anytime throughout the year, but Radiothon is when we really "ham it up," and try to sweeten the deal by adding extra incentives. Each DJ sets their own goals and tries to reach them by offering different things to listeners who donate during the 3 hours course of their show during Radiothon. I am no exception. Here's is what I'm willing to do to get your money:

Donations can be made by calling (808)956-5284

1. All donations made during my show today (noon to 3pm Hawaii Standard Time) will receive a KTUH sticker and a limited hand-made Radiothon mix CD with songs featured on my Timbre Tantrums as well as some new ones. They will be hand numbered and will not be offered after Radiothon.

2. Donations of $50 or more will also receive a KTUH t-shirt and the latest edition of Contrast Magazine. T-shirt designs shown below. Please specify design and size. Note: One shirt per donation. Certain design/size may not be immediately available and require reprinting causing a slight delay in shipment. This doesn't mean that we don't love you. Seriously, it's not you, it's me...I mean us. Just don't worry, we got your back (literally).

3. If a total of $1000 is raised during my show, I will dress up and talk like a pirate for a day. I'll make sure that it's on a Tuesday, when I have class on campus, do my radio show, go grocery shopping, and am generally out and about in public. Pictures will be taken and posted on the blog.

4. Should $2000 be made during my show, I will dress like a school girl, complete with pig-tails with ribbons and a Mandy Moore backpack that I got for free when I worked at Tower Records. Same thing. Pictures + blog = shame. This will be in addition to pirate day. Yarrrr!

5. If we hit $3000 by show's end...well, I don't know, but I'm open to suggestions. I'll have the other DJs pick the most embarrassing one.

Here's your shirt choices. All are available in Men's & Women's sizes:

KTUH Round Logo

(designed by your favorite DJ and mine, DJ Marbles of Let's Get Lost!)

Headphones - black

Headphones - white

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