Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break: KTUH Music Picks

Honolulu Pulse recently asked KTUH DJs to create playlists of our own to go along with popular spring break destinations. Here's my picks:

Years at UH: Too many.
DJ Name: dj Ryan
Show name/time: Timbre Tantrums, Tuesdays noon - 3pm
Specialty: Black-tie affair electronica, blue-collar jazz, and skinny jeans rock’n’roll; with a penchant for the obscure, avant-garde, and generally ignored.
Dream Spring Break destination: Pangea. Dinosaurs = Excitement! Clothing = not invented.


Honolulu: Uncle Skeleton Disquotek [Jensen Sportag Endless Reverb Mix] - Stay-cations mean having all the amenities of home minus the daily grind. I can just relax and enjoy the slow pace of life in Hawaii. This song is the soundtrack to my lounging.

Las Vegas: Shigeto And We Gonna [Samiyam Chopsticks remix] - This remix lays a dark groove that spates sex and oozes decadence, and Vegas...well...

Mexico: Bag Raiders Sunlight - I’m getting tanned just listening to this song.

Europe: Fare Soldi PapĂ  New Wave - Being dj “Ryan”, naturally I’d be jet setting throughout Europe on Ryanair. Travel light. Travel fast. GO!

Japan: Salman When The Sun Rises [Blue Satellite remix] - A song to coast to in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” It’s like watching the landscape change between Osaka and Tokyo through the windows of the Tokaido Shinkansen

Find out what other KTUH DJs picked here!

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