Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Lost: At Sea

At Sea (Honolulu, HI) @ thirtyninehotel, Honolulu, HI. 12th, July 2011.

Not merely a reunion, but a reinvention, as the band rearranges their instrumentation and song writing style, switching from long-form drone inspired post-rock epics to a more concise semi-pop-structure featuring former cellist (now guitarist/singer), Yvonne Harada on vocals.

There's still plenty of atmospheric pressure caused by the thick audio-landscaping of guitars drenched in reverb/delay and various other effects, a signature element to early At Sea performances. However, rather than being pummeled by an ever intensifying tidal wave of sound, we are pulled in and out of a dynamic current that ebbs to a gentle calm. The end result is a performance that moves more yet leaves the audience more transfixed than ever before.

Recommended for fans of Red Sparowes, Vidulgi OoyoO, and Blonde Redhead.

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