Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer lovin', had me a blast...then shit got real

I made a mix of twee songs, arranging them by lyrics, creating a quasi-story of love and loss. I hope that you like it. If so, check out Mild Mannered DJ on KTUH, every Saturday, noon to 3pm (Hawaii Standard Time) for some really great twee, indie pop, and indie rock from all around the world. The Happy Oblivion is one of my favorite radio shows, ever.

This mix is very much inspired by Mild Mannered DJ and my good friend, Interro bang. Follow her on Instagram :)

Go Sailor - Together Forever In Love [0:00]

Best Friends Forever - Handpocket [2:20]

The Diskettes - Come On Over [4:40]

The She’s - My Secret To Keep [6:43]

Heavenly - Ben Sherman [10:32]

Bunky - Cute Not Beautiful [13:35]

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Car Trouble [18:08]

Cub - Go Fish [19:40]

Free Loan Investments - Kick His Balls Out [21:32]

The Softies - My Empty Arms [23:10]

Anna Hillburg - For Good [26:44]

The Capsules - Someday [31:26]

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