Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Electric Bender

릴보이(Lil Boi), 베이식(Basick) feat. 화사(Hwa Sa) 연락해(Call Me)

subbing on The Electric Bender - Sat., 9pm - midnight on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Ambulette Fall

androp Rising Star
Piana In Silence
Stars My Favorite Book
Chad Valley Arms Away
JR JR Gone
Juana Molina ¡Que Llueva!(Let It Rain!)
Hanne Hukkelberg Words & a Piece of Paper
Björk Domestica
All That Jazz となりのトトロ(My Neighbor Totoro)
Clazziquai 여전히(Still)
Luisa Maita Amor e Paz(Love & Peace)
Magnet Fall At Your Feet
Jennifer Kimball World Without End
Stina Nordenstam Hopefully Yours
Slowreader Politics, Music and Drugs
Blonde Redhead Elephant Woman
RAC feat. Madi Diaz Falling Hard
XYLØ America [Ghosts remix]
Xinobi Crime [Munk remix]
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 Fun Tonight
Thomas Hayden/Ortal Israel If We Can't
3LAU(blau) feat. Bright Lights How You Love Me [Garmr Wall & Rowen Reecks bootleg]
MNEK(Emenike) More Than a Miracle
Charlie Puth & Kehlani Hotline Bling [Dathan remix]
스리피(SLEEPY) & 송지은(Song Ji Eun) 쿨밤(Cool Night)
Tymee feat. 수빈(Subin) of 달샤벳(Dalshabet) 사랑은(Love Is)
릴보이(Lil Boi), 베이식(Basick) feat. 화사(Hwa Sa) 연락해(Call Me)
개리(Gary) feat. 정인(Jung-in) & MIWOO SHIPAPA
Spenda C & Goon Bags feat. Zuri Akoko Rockin To The Realest
Phony PPL End of the Night [Louis Futon remix]
Pomo Aerobix
Applescal Vintage Clown
우효(OOHYO) Madrid
Tablo feat. Bumkey 밑바닥에서(At the Bottom)
Andup feat. 달총이(Dal chongi of CHEEZE) 기 시감(Luminous Period)
피노다인(Pinodyne) feat. 크러쉬(Crush) Shall We Dance?
IshDARR Remember
Y.A.S Fairytales
Nick Brewer feat. Bibi Bourelly Talk to Me
INZO feat. Alina Renae High Above
Alison Valentine Curious [Chrome Sparks disco remix]
Jasmine Thompson Do It Now [Montis remix]
Question Easy
Hiatus Kaiyote Nakamarra

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