Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meow That's What I Call Mewsic! 2016

Hyuna Moon (문현아) of Nine Muses feat. Moya & Hoya 집으로 들어가는 길이 좋아 (I Like My Way Back Home)

November 22nd marked the 60th anniversary of The Humane Society of the United States. In celebration of all furry (and feathered/scaly/gilled) friends, I've decided to make a meow mix: composed entirely of songs about cats or featuring cats! I've thrown in a few doggy songs, too. Why kitties, you ask? Because I love them❤️  Look how cute they are! Watch the video above without gushing. C'est impossible! In all honesty, though, 2016 has been an emotional year. I felt that we could all use some cute therapy.

Whether you fancy yourself a cat, dog, bunny, bird, dinosaur, etc. person; I hope that you'll enjoy today's dander-free show.

Visit the Hawaiian Humane Society.

R.I.P. George Michael, Richard Adams and Carrie Fisher

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.1 FM, Honolulu

Jimmy Smith The Cat

Shannon and the Clams Cat Party
The Kinks Phenomenal Cat
The Turtles Cat in the Window
Screeching Weasel Cat-Like
Thee Makeout Party Run Kitty Run
Animal Collective Leaf House
Kero Kero Bonito Graduation
Hudson Mohawke Cbat [Regulators 'Gotta Be Fresh' remix]
Run the Jewels MEOWRLY [BOOTS remix]
Broadcast Black Cat

We Like Cats Meow Hear Me Roar
Yoshi & Komono Cat Cafe

Anamanaguchi Meow
androp Neko
Metric Lost Kitten
Ao Logics Cat N Johnny
Via Audio Tigers
Little Dragon Cat Rider [Poolside remix]

Sayonara Ponytail Hey!! Nyan
Dormir NyanDafuru55
2story 나는 고양이로소이다 (I am a cat)
Les Surfs Mon Chat Qui S'appelle Médor (My cat, whose name is Médor)
Connie Francis The Tiger and the Mouse
Géraldine Les Chattes (the cats)
All That Jazz Neko Bus
Hyuna Moon f
eat. Moya(모야) & Hoya (호야) 집으로 들어가는 길이 좋아 (I like my way back home)
My Little Lover 迷い猫 (stray cat)
NIIKIIE 猫 (cat)
Steel Train Alley Cat
Owl & the Pussycat Tigers

Juniel 고양이의 하루 (cat day)
Jin Ah Lee 또또또 (do do do)
Howard Roberts Pussy Cat
Squeeze Cool For Cats
Eggstone The Dog

The Beatles Martha My Dear
Free Kitten Teenie Weenie Boppie
The Magnetic Fields Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
Blue Satellite Cat Synth [Purriginal Mix]
Clazziquai Cat Bossa
Coyote Kisses Black Cat
Funny Death Nekomimi
Laurindo Almeida Alley Cat Song
Tyrannosaurus Rex Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)

Belle and Sebastian The Cat with the Cream
Headlights Lions
The Meow Meows Might As Well Be You
The Hotrats The Lovecats
Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam
King Crimson Cat Food
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Hoshi Neko
Tango in the Attic Paw Prints
Ekseption The Cat

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