Monday, February 15, 2010

No Excuses

the Morning Benders' (San Francisco, CA) new album, BIG ECHO will be released on Mar.9th, 2010 from Rough Trade Records. Produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, the album continues their tradition of making folk-tinged indie pop to make ears acquiesce sublimely, as evidenced in the video above for "Excuses," presented by Yours Truly. The song, "Promises" from BIG ECHO can be download in advance for free here.

Other videos by Yours Truly include live performances by
Papercuts, Band of Skulls, and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down.

Special thanks to Michael Pooley of Pink Mist and Painted Highways for the video turn-on.


  1. hey, missy said you had a blog so I checked it out! i love it, cool! do you know the morning benders? I noticed you had photos of them too. I love love love chris chu! he is so awesome and the morning benders are super good.

  2. Cool! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I'm friends with Julian, the drummer, and I used to be neighbors with Chris when we lived in Berkeley. The other post was a small informal photo shoot that they asked me to do before one of their performances. What have you been up to?

  3. What??? You lived by chris? Man, i have to hear about this!Maybe the next time I see you with GRLFRNDS or we'll take missy out dancing! she's the dancer anyway!You're in another band too right? what is your guys name? anyway, this is getting long, i feel like i should be emailing you and not writing this in long posts! see yah!