Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pander Tantrums - KTUH Radiothon 2012

It's on, like Radiothon! Time again for KTUH's annual fundraiser where we kindly ask our wonderful listeners for support via 100% tax-deductible donations.
Thank you for supporting our small noncommercial college radio station. We promise to continue our dedication to bring you the best assortment of independent, underground, and generally overlooked music that our motley crew of music nerds can muster up. You are an invaluable part of the KTUH experience. We're looking forward to all of the years to come thanks to your continued support.

Here's the deal(s)...
If you donate during today's Timbre Tantrums(noon-3pm Hawaii Standard Time):

1. donations of $20+ receive a special Radiothon 2012 edition mix CD, curated by yours truly.
2. donations of $50+ receive the mix CD as well as a KTUH T-shirt
3. with every combined $500 donated, I will allow DJ Mr. Nick to tickle me for one-minute live on-the-air. p.s. I am very ticklish.
4. If the combined total reaches $1500, I will attempt to play guitar and sing while DJ Mr. Nick tickles me.

Donations can be made with check, money order, or credit card (cash okay, but check/MO/card preferred). To donate, call (808)956-7431

KTUH DJs Michelle LaBelle, Blotterpop, Mr. Nick, .p.e.a.r.l., and others will be standing by to take your donations.

Today's show is dedicated to KTUH DJs past, present and future. My musical taste is due in large part to other KTUH DJs throughout the years. Before I started working at the station as a DJ, I was a longtime listener and fan. Now I am a listener, fan, and a DJ. I am indebted to these people who have broadened my tasted and enriched my life with song.

Thus, today's show will feature songs in pairs. The first song of each pair will be a song that was introduced to me through another KTUH DJ/show. The second will be a song from Timbre Tantrums that (in my opinion) draws influence from the first. The purpose of this is really just to retrace my steps, and show how KTUH has played a large part in my success as a DJ today. I've really enjoyed putting this show together and remembering all the great songs and eccentric personalities that have graced KTUH's airwaves. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Ryan Miyashiro a.k.a. DJ Ryan (No Cool Deejay Name)

Timbre Tantrums - Tue., noon - 3pm on KTUH, 90.3 FM, Honolulu

Anamanaguchi Airbrushed [RAC remix]
White Rabbits Temporary
Davíd Garza Disco Ball World - The French Ministry of Culture w/Joe & David
Two Door Cinema Club Do You Want It All?
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Young Adult Friction - Daydream Nation w/Ross Jackson
The Legends There And Back Again
Yelle Ce Jeu [Bill Eff's Love 1987 remix] - The Belly (of the Best) w/DJ Tanner
Big History Every Bone
Pedro The Lion When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run - Bellybutton Lint w/Blanche & DJ Fox
Team Me Show Me
Deltron 3030 Battlesong - The Lightsleepers Show w/Kavet The Katalyst
Jay Electronica Exhibit C
DJ Shadow Mutual Slump - The Abstract Beat Workshop w/Joan 9
Sinitus Tempo Over The Mountains
Hollerado Americanarama - Kittens of Mass Destruction w/DJ Squid
Saves The Day Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
MxPx Middlename - The Pokinatcha Punk & Emo Show - Spicoli
This Time Next Year Matchbook
Batman & Throbbin'
椎名林檎 Sheena Ringo アイデンティティ Identity Made In Japan w/Ikarichan
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Kyari Pamyu Pamyu つけまつける Tsukematsukeru
Bim Skala Bim Simple Song - Skamotion w/Bijou
The Pepper Pots You Love Her
Johnny Clarke Every Knee Shall Bow - Afternoon Carribean Session w/ Big Bar
Miike Snow Animal [Mark Ronson remix]
Astrud Gilberto
Who Needs Forever? - Friday Morning Jazz w/Janet Kelsey
Sylvie Lewis Your Voice Carries
Jennifer Kimball World Without End - Suffragette Station w/ Lori
Fair And Kind Last Song For Now
Elis Regina Você - Feeling Saudade w/DJ DLux & My So-Called Show w/DJ Zilla
Gretchen Parlato I Can't Help It
The Crystal Method Comin' Back - The Underground Sound Show w/G-Spot
Fare Soldi Papà New Wave
Botch Mondrian Was A Liar - Uncle Murdles House w/Blastyojaw & MC5B
Converge Bitter And Then Some
Spyn Reset NonFiction
Now, Now Separate Rooms

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