Monday, October 6, 2014

Bean - Rollercoaster

I have huge soft-spot for pop music, and no matter how deep I dig into the sounds of the underground, pop will always be king. Aficionados of all things independent and esoteric may vehemently disagree with me on this point. While I agree with them that anybody can write a pop song, with its bare bones verse-chorus-bridge formula; I feel that it takes exceptional songwriters to craft great ones. Noelle Bean (Los Angeles, CA) shows such promise.

Simply known as Bean, this Nashville, TN-born, Dallas, TX-raised singer/songwriter has a knack for caramelizing sweet melodies, clever lyrics, and groovy four-chord progressions into 3-minute addictive pop confections. My personal favorite from her Rollercoaster EP (released Jun.17th, 2014) is "Let's Go," whose verse and chorus share the same two chords (B, D#m) with only a short two-chord (C#m, C#dim) pre-chorus thrown in on occasion.

Bean Let's Go
lyric video


1. Let's Go
2. Rollercoaster
3. Wherever You Are
4. Cops and Robbers
5. Like To Love You
6. Rollercoaster (Jump Smokers Remix)

Bean Rollercoaster
directed by Devan Dehaven

Bean Cops and Robbers
directed by Michael Marco

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