Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tenement in Hawaii - Photo Gallery

Tenement (Appleton, Wisconsin) performed two shows in Honolulu, on April 28th & 29th; presented by Failed Orbit Records. Mariana Timony was at both shows, and wrote an article for Bandcamp about her experience and about Honolulu's DIY music scene. There's also a video the I took of Tenement playing Rock Eating People live, here.

Here are more photos from both of those nights:

Tenement (Appleton, Wisconsin)

Rotten Blossom (Kailua, Hawaii)

Smoke Free Armstrong (Honolulu, Hawaii)


PONCHO (Honolulu, Hawaii)


TV Microwave (Honolulu, Hawaii)


Feeble (Honolulu, HI)


Earl Grey (Honolulu, Hawaii)


Strangers With Kandy (Honolulu, Hawaii)


The Bougies (Honolulu, Hawaii)


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